How To Finger Knit!

Finger knitting is a fun craft you can do with is easy to learn and takes just a few supplies.  It produces a neat rope that you can use to make other things too.  Once you're a finger knitting expert, be sure to check out the fun finger knitting projects below! 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Yarn (bulky/super bulky yarn works best for a nice neat "rope")
  • Scissors (very young kids might need help with this part)
  • Your fingers!!

Below is an easy to follow quick video that will tell you how it's done.  Includes information on supplies, how to begin, knitting stitch by stitch, and how to finish off your project including weaving in the much fun!

Ready to get started on a project?  Here are a few from our sister site Fiber Flux...check it out!

From left to right:

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