How To Make A Loom Flower + Video Tutorial

Loom flowers are so easy and fun to make!  They only require a little bit of yarn and can be used to make hair accessories, garlands and lots more!

Follow along to the full video tutorial too:

Here's what you'll need:
  • Worsted weight (or similar) yarn in at least two colors
  • Small round loom (sometimes called a flower loom or bloom loom)
  • Loom tool
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Here's how to make it!
  • Tie yarn onto the side peg of the loom.
  • Wrap yarn around pegs, making figure 8 shapes all around.
  • For a fuller flower, try going around 2 or more times (flowers shown in pictures are three full turns around the loom).
  • Tie ends together (tie tail from where you left off to the tail that's ties to the aide peg).
  • With second color yarn, thread the yarn needle with a piece of yarn about 18-24 inches long.
  • Sew the center, crossing over in between each petal all the way around the flower.
  • Tie yarn on the back of the flower.
  • Trim all tails or weave them in using the yarn needle.

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