Tuesday, May 5, 2020

20 Fun & Easy Nature Crafts

The great outdoors!  It is so much fun to collect things on a nature walk, isn't it?  Here are 20 fun projects to turn your found treasures into art using rocks, feathers, sticks, leaves, seeds, pinecones and more!  Which one is your favorite?

Magic Nature Wands from Mini Mad Things

Nature Weavings from Artzy Creations

Seed Mosaic Heart from Nature Crafts for Kids

Nature Collage from Sparkle & Splatter

Bark Owls from Fireflies and Mud Pies

Nature Crowns from Mother Natured

Bark Painting from Tinker Lab

Flower Print and Scrape Painting from Playful Learning

Pinecone Hedgehogs from The Mad House

Crystalized Beach Rocks With Borax and Watercolors from Happy Hooligans

Dried Flower Bird Art from Blue Bear Wood

Wooden Key Chain from Easy Peasy and Fun

Painted Stick Nature Craft from Crafts by Courtney

Bookmark Craft Using Pressed Flowers and Leaves from Buggy and Buddy

Wire Wrapped Rocks from Fun At Home With Kids

Ocean Themed Story Stones from Crafts on Sea

Nature Bookmarks from Outdoors Mom 

Stone Pendants from Red Ted Art

Nature Paint Brushes from Apple Green Cottage

Bead and Pinecone Mobiles from Happy Hooligans

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